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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Qualcomm Mirasol launch its color e-Reader

There had been several attempts to develop an e-reader capable of rendering color but they didn´t have the development needed to overcome some of the barriers of digital ink as limited color gamma, slow refreshing rates or any other related problem.

Qualcomm presented today a new implementation of its Mirasol technology that could lead to an important improvement in e-book readers. It had developed an e-book reader model with a 5.7 inch display fully functional. Besides, it is capable of rendering video, temporally, for a limited framerate (the prototype exhibited had a 15fps framerate) but they expect to improve it up to 30fps. This technology enables us to read the screen without inconvenients even under bright light conditions since the mirasol screen´s reflectivity creates a clear colorful image and without reflections.

At Qualcomm, they claim that this technology will be in the market at the end of this year. But they haven´t said the exact date. So, for the moment, we have to wait but, undoubtedly, it will be worth it considering its great characteristic of this reflective screen.

Qualcomm expects to open a new world of possibilities to multimedia rendering to devices such as e-readers and also to the mobile and smarphone world due to its low battery consumption.

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