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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Cordovan Gene

It arrives to Córdoba the first international community of computer technicians - Córdoba, October 25th, 2008

GeeksHive was launched in Córdoba, Argentina. With the showcase, it was implemented the Selection Program of the first certified Geeks of the Community in that area of the Argentinean country.

The event had the presence of the founding Directors of the model and OCA representatives, who were in charge of explaining the most relevant points of the proposition.

The purpose of this meeting was to select the genes that will represent the birth of the community in Córdoba, from which the model will began to become an inevitable reference in the market.


Together with the presentation of the model it begins the GEN selection process

During the launching stage of GeeksHive in Córdoba, the Program Partnership (PP) began a selection process of what will be regarded as the community gene of that area.

The purpose is to detect, select and train an initial team of Technologic Information (IT) Specialists that will be responsible of beginning the implementation of the model and its attributes.

This purpose began on October 25 and will extend until the last months of the current year at Winsor´s Hotel of the above mentioned city. It had the presence of the founding directors of the model, representatives of OCA (strategic partner in charged of logistics) and the support of its associated brands.


The strategic partner shared the launch with Directors and Specialists.

Córdoba, October 25th, 2008

OCA, the strategic partner of GeeksHive Community, is the company in charge of every logistics aspect related to the model at national level. It was present in the launching event and was represented by Francisco Suarez, the commercial supervisor in Argentina, in the Northeast and Center of the Argentinean country.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Efficiency in the use of Extranet

Extranet is an essential element to the GeeksHive community. For that reason, there are several technical trainings planned for October and December oriented to an effective use, specially the connection that may be established between such use and the Handicap scores Geeks users obtain.