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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Philips BDP7580 wireless Blu-Ray

It's true, as you read in the title the new Philips Blu-Ray model, the BDP7580, just needs the power cord to work without needing to connect any wire to the TV.
The content is received by the connectivity that has to take it to the TV, the wireless HDMI technology. This way of connection is what makes it unique for the moment. If your TV lacks this technology you have the chance to use the incorporated adaptor.

Samsung D8000 3D LED

The CES 2011 has concluded with many news. There were news in TVs also, although with less magnitude than last year.
The new D8000 3D LED introduced by Samsung has a very slim design, in depth as well as in the fame´s thickness, of about 5cms. Thus, it become one of the smallest frame display in the market. And what´s more, it has plenty of functions and technical specifications of ultimate generations, such as 3D technology, FullHD resolution and 240 Hz Clear Motion, among others.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Samsung AMOLED and flexible screens for the next CES 2011

There are being added new creations of different companies brought by the next 2011 just a few days before inauguration.
What was anticipated last year about AMOLED technology will invade our screens regardless of their size. It will come with Samsung’s ultimate technology in the huge and indefinite field of the screens of the future.


LG's little black box, the Smart TV Upgrader ST600, will another news of the next CES 2011 and will offer access to all of LG’ Smart TV functions to every TV owner, including access to online Premium content, Smart Share and a complete range of LG applications since, if there is a failure in the services included is within the interface and the way of access to those additional contents.