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Friday, November 26, 2010

AMD is preparing its 8-native core microprocessors for 2011

The so called AMD Zambezi -the AMD 9 series chipsets- have a release date for the second trimester of 2010 with great news. The first are these 8 native cores that will come with high range models and whose performance will be just like many others Core i/ (930 and 950) but at a lower cost.

NVidia GTX 570 in December

NVidia would be preparing a GTX 570 to complete the new 500 series of the company. The new card uses the same GF110 core used in the GTX 580, but with one SM unit deactivated and it will come with 1280MB of GDDR5 memory with a 320bits to 690MHz bus.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Samsung to announce 4.5” flexible screen

Just in a few days, on November 11th in Japan, at the Flat Panel Display Convention, Samsung will unveil their new 4.5-inch flexible AMOLED displays.
Samsung is releasing the news for the convention little by little. Samsung Mobile Display, the panel division from the South Korean corporation reports that these displays had 800x480-pixel WVGA resolution and offer the same color quality we had already seen in Samsung’s Galaxy S series phones.

Hanvon and its color ebook

Hanvon, the Chinese company, announces the first color eBook that comes with a large touch panel which is a combination of an eBook and a tablet, with a 9.7-inch color E-Ink screen and has been provided by E-Ink holdings.