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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Qualcomm and Koobe had launched in Taiwan a new e-reader that incorporates Mirasol color e-ink display with an excellent outdoor display and autonomy and that resembles a tablet due to its characteristics.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

CES 2012 - The highlight of the last day

CES, one of the major electronic consuming fair, closed its doors this year after receiving more than 150 thousands visitors, a new record attendance. These are some prominent visitors, among hundreds that could been seen the last 4 days:

ION Audio Piano Apprentice
ION Audio manufactures a mini piano keyboard, Apprentice converts your iPad, iPod and iPhone in the last piano teacher anywhere at any time. One just have to download the app, connect the Apple device and it will be a way to learn to play the piano faster and easier than ever imagined.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Innovation Design & Engineering CES 2012

These are some of the technology manufacturers and developers who won the award "Innovation Design & Engineering CES 2012":

Powertech Ultra Slim
The Ultra Slim it's an outlet expander that gives any regular electrical outlet a pair of USB power sockets -without the wiring required of more permanent solutions like FastMac's U-Socket. The Ultra Slim is just that, as it's only about half inch thick, and has a unique folding collapsible plug on the back to keep its trim figure. Its thin profile is also able to accommodate the depth of regular plugs with extending sections in the back.

CES 2012 - The highlight of the 3rd day

Going on in Las Vegas, going around the CES 2012, visiting stands, talking to manufacturers, searching to show you the highlight of the day.

Nvidia, tablets and Super Cars
Nvidia introduced its 4 core tablets, Tegra 3 and a prototype using Windows 8 as DOS.

Nvidia has decided to disclose some of its features and to show how do the new Metro interface works in a Tegra 3 tablet and a 4 corer processor ARM at 1.3 GHz. Besides, it took the opportunity to show another high definition prototype.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

CES 2012 - Highlights of the 2nd day

Sony, LG y Google TV
Sony will keep on betting on Google TV as it has confirmed its compromise to expand the number of screens connected to this system. At the same time, LG unveiled its first screen equipped with Google's television system so as to participate in the race of Google's connected screens.
This way, both companies has shown their trust in Google's smart television system.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CES 2012 - Cube 3D Home Printer

3D Systems continues to innovate. In the first place, it aquired its competitor Z Corporation and now it surprises us with a personal 3D Cube Printer.

The process is simple, it scans in 3D the object to be printed (or creates a model in any modeled 3D application) and it prints it in this so special 3D printer. The result, a 3D figure of the object, not just a complete person but a watch o a guitar as well.

CES 2012 - The highlight of the first day.

Microsoft - Opening and farewell.
Liven up by a Gospel group, Microsoft's Executive President Steve Ballmer, made the opening speech at the fair.

A large audience at The Venetian Hotel, which took the event in, forced the responsibles for the establishment to close the access to it, so many journalists and professionals of the field were obliged to follow the speech through the internet from some of the adjacent rooms.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just days away from the CES

We are in the biggest city of the state of Nevada, Vegas, one of the principal tourism targets of the United States and host of one of the biggest technology trade shows of the world, the CES, held each January in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Lovers and fans of gadgets await this new convention and only days away from the opening the rumors of what we'll able see when its doors are officially open are gaining momentum.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A visit to the Computer History Museum.

Undoubtedly, a place that would be any geek's downfall. The Computer History Museum was created in 1996 in Mountain View, California, at the very heart of Sillicon Valley, a stone's throw from Googleplex. The Museum is dedicated to preserve the artefacts from computing era as well as to present the stories behind each one of them, their evolution and impact in our lives.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Geekshive at Googleplex

Spacious rooms, slides, atypical meeting places, free food and beverage, gym, video games, relax and massage rooms, yoga lessons, doctor and dentist, some of the enviable amenities at Google facilities, a place to work at that many companies would like to have.
We could visit Googleplex, the headquarters of Google Inc, placed in Mountain View, Santa Clara, California, near San José. We rambled through the main courtyard and among other details we saw the micro swimming-pools, the Volleyball court and near them, in the outskirts of Building 43, a Tyrannosaurus Rex surrounded by pink flamingos.