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Monday, March 30, 2009

Training Geeks 2009 - The Community requests clearance

In March 28th it was performed the TRAINING GEEKS 09, organized by GeeksHive International and supported by some of the most important IT trademarks in the market. With an attendance that surpassed largely the expectations of the ideologists, the event let a profit balance as regards to transmitted knowledge, interaction of different actors of the Community and level of certifications obtained.

The meeting, the first one of a series that the Community has already programmed throughout Argentina during 2009, had the presence of IBM, Linksys and Gigabyte, referent trademarks in their specialties and active partners of the model, in charge of dissertations on new technologies. The topics aimed at the computer professionals' interests and to the impact generated by their products in the capillary service offered by specialists to thousands IT consumers.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Furukawa, worldwide manufacturer of optical fiber, cables and network, and telecommunication network infrastructure and IT, joins GeeksHive International.

With an initial investment of more than U$D 3 million, the Japanese company has recently opened a plant in Berazategui, province of Buenos Aires, to supply the internal and regional market. This plant is located in Berazategui´s industrial center and it manufactures 200 thousand kilometers of optical fiber a year to supply telecommunication companies of the country and the region.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Training Geeks 2009

On March 28th, 2009 GeeksHive International began its Training Geeks 2009, the first of a series of trainings of high level that will be carried out in different cities of Argentina during the course of the year.

In this opportunity, the conference will have IBM, Linksys and Gigabyte as expositors trademarks, incorporating others of similar trajectory during the months of the road show.

The appointment will be in the Hotel Cristal Palace and there will participate in addition to the persons in charge of the hives, executives of OCA and of the Argentinean Technological Institute (ITA by its Spanish initials).

An exclusive and free training for Certified Geeks or under process of certification.