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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What power supply do you need?

Our Power Supply Calculator (PSU Calculator) application will enable you to know which power supply you need for your computer, avoiding problems with energy supply, depending on the hardware you have.

U.S. Government legalizes Jailbreaking for iPhone and iPod

A judge in a New Orleans-based 5th Circuit Appeals Court has ruled that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's ban on breaking DRM only applies if you break DRM in order to violate copyright law.

It's not illegal to break DRM if it's not used to break the law

The DMCA is an amend to the Copyright Act published in 1998, and it established that the prohibition of breaking DRM disposed by the manufacturers in movies, music, software and hardware to prenvent copies or reverse engineering.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rechargeable Brother VGB batteries, shake before use

Brother, the Japanese trademark, is amazing us with some rechargeable battery prototypes called “Vibration-powered Generating Battery”. This rechargeable batteries are feed just by vibrations and shakes, even when they are inside the gadget.

Intel Core i7-970´s 6 cores

The second micro-processor from the Gulftown series of the giant is now on sale and has began appearing in the price lists of the best online stores.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


This graphic monster will have 3,200 stream processors, dual 256-bit bus memory, a special cooling system with its own software to manage it or even increasing the amount of spins. It won´t be necessary, it´s going to be the most powerful graphic you may have, but it will cost about 1,000 dollars.


Sony has announced two new models, both with a new 12.2MPs CMOS BSI (back-illuminated) sensor, 1/ 2.3” type. Both enable 1080i full AVCHD video recording. Besides, there stand out the three dimensional panoramic sweep or 3D Sweep Panorama mode that offers a 3D image to be displayed in a compatible TV. It´s more than just another function, but surely we will get used to see it.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Qualcomm Mirasol launch its color e-Reader

There had been several attempts to develop an e-reader capable of rendering color but they didn´t have the development needed to overcome some of the barriers of digital ink as limited color gamma, slow refreshing rates or any other related problem.

Google ratifies that there won’t be Nexus 2 or Chrome OS ultra-portables

According to recent the statements of Erich Schmidt, Google’s CEO, they aren’t thinking about Nexus One’s successor or an ultraportable of their own trademark with Chrome OS. Google is focusing and working 100% in Android. Therefore it’s withdrawing itself from mobile’s selling.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Seagate- External 3TB hard drive

Seagate introduces the 3TB Free Agent Go Flex Desk, the first desktop model with 3TB.
It can store up to 120 HD movies; the new Seagate external hard drive has a 3.5 inch design, a black smooth cover, and its corresponding software to make backups and data encryption. But the most interesting feature is the Seagate’s GoFlex adapter system.