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Monday, February 9, 2009


ITA, the Argentinean Technological Institute joined the community as one of its training channels in technology.

Aiming at boosting the entrance in the labor market of IT specialists, GeeksHive and ITA join forces to bring this chance to the students of the Institute.

ITA is an educational entity devoted to train hardware technicians and computer network technicians. By means of this new agreement, all the students will have the test to certify the entrance to the Community in order to acquire more knowledge: access to information of products, interaction with thousands of expert colleagues and access to a stock with products of world famous trademarks.

The agreement was released through EDUHARD, the TV program of computer technology of ITA, hosted by Hernán Sánchez.

By means of this agreement, everyone who wants to join the world of computer technology will have the chance to register at ITA with a really differential benefit: the opportunity to certify to the International GeeksHive Community.
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