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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Turn on the lights and get connected to 2Mbps

Although using light bulbs as speakers is not a bad idea, the chance to get connected to the web through them sounds even better. This idea of transmitting data via LED lights is being tested in China, where connections of up to 2Mbits have been reached.

In order to make it possible, they use LED lights, mounted on the roof, modified to emit winks -that are imperceptible to the human eye- and transmit the information while illuminating the surroundings.

Even if the idea is not recent -Palm was making it a while ago and many universities would be working on similar projects- the Chinese project seems to be the most developed one.
The development of this kind of communication intends to be reliable and giving a good band width among the different devices we use to have in a room in which there is ambient light and that has to be constantly connected between them, forgetting wires at all.

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