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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Intel Core i7-970´s 6 cores

The second micro-processor from the Gulftown series of the giant is now on sale and has began appearing in the price lists of the best online stores.

Without any official word and almost unadvertized, Intel has began the shipping of its second hexa-core, the Core i7-970, a Gulftown 32nm chip non Extreme Edition, and therefore, without an unlocked multiplier, as opposed to the i7-980x.

It is a high-end micro of about 900 dollars, with a 3.2 GHz clock, 12 MB L3 cache, built-in DDR3 memory controller and 130w consumption.

With the whole i7 series we will find hyperthreading (6 cores that will become 12 threads of performance), turbo-boost and more. In this case, we don´t have built-in GPU, and it will continue working with the Intel x58 chipset and, of course, we are talking about an LGA 1366 socket processor.

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