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Friday, September 3, 2010

Cisco wants to buy Skype

At the beginning of August, Skype, the leading Internet phone company, announced that they have begun the process to go public in the USA. Another news, equally significant, is added to this important information related to the well-known service: Cisco System would have already made a bid to buy Skype.

According to a reliable TechCrunch source, Cisco has presented an offer to acquire Skype before they go public.If this is true, we would be facing one of the greatest acquisitions of the year since Skype es expecting an assessment of up to 5,000 million dollars for the total of the company.

During 2005, the auction website eBay acquired the company for 2,600 million dollars. This operation was a complete failure since eBay could not manage what they have and they almost brought Skype to ruin. A while after the purchase and after a lot of quarrel, the phone company VoIP came back to their creators.

In August, 2010 Skype introduced to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States) the procedures to go public, with which they expect to reach up to 100 million dollars.

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