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Friday, November 26, 2010

AMD is preparing its 8-native core microprocessors for 2011

The so called AMD Zambezi -the AMD 9 series chipsets- have a release date for the second trimester of 2010 with great news. The first are these 8 native cores that will come with high range models and whose performance will be just like many others Core i/ (930 and 950) but at a lower cost.

Other news are the DDR3 compatibility in dual and even quad channel, even though it seems that not all of the Zambezi will bring this characteristic. We will also see support for new SSE5 instructions, 32nm, HyperTransport 3.1 and, of course, new cache levels (from 8 to 16 MB in the L3).
These forthcoming AMD desktop processors will use the AM3+ socket. The new Zambezi doesn’t support AM3 boards, but you will be able to mount current AM3 processors into AM3+ boards.

There will be two Sothbridges: the SB920 and the SB950, the difference between both will be the SB950’ RAID 5 support, and, of course, the higher price. Both versions support six SATA 6Gbps ports. Its TDP is set in 6w.

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