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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Philips BDP7580 wireless Blu-Ray

It's true, as you read in the title the new Philips Blu-Ray model, the BDP7580, just needs the power cord to work without needing to connect any wire to the TV.
The content is received by the connectivity that has to take it to the TV, the wireless HDMI technology. This way of connection is what makes it unique for the moment. If your TV lacks this technology you have the chance to use the incorporated adaptor.

Besides from its wireless connection, this Philip BDP7580 Blu-Ray is compatible with 3D signal, as well as content from NetFlix and Vudu.

Its MediaConnect system allows us to connect the BDP7580 directly to the PC having the TV as intermediary and render online content easily.
It also has NetTV, Philip's own system to bring exclusive content and widgets.

This new Philip's Blu-Ray is arriving to the market on April with a cost of 500 dollars.

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