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Friday, April 29, 2011

Kingston lands on GeeksHive

Since May, Kingston Technology will be the new partner inside the GeeksHive site.

“Our main goal as manufacturer is being able to reach in a more direct and concrete way by means of a business channel that is growing and growing more each day. The main idea is to enhance the positioning of our products line up, not only for the comodities line but also for more specific products such as passwords-protected USBs, and greater speeds of data transfers with encryptation, Hyperx memories for the gamer sector, Solid State Units (SSU), and every product that requires a greater and more accurate advice for the consumer. Thus, we are performing several activities to train every Geek, both at online levels and by means of events through the hives grouping all the Geeks in the country.

We want this alliance to be in the long term and thus we took several months for a proper planning. We have many actions to be carried out through and we are convinced that it´s a great step forward in pursuit of a greater penetration in the IT market.”

Ariel Plabnik National Account Manager
Argentina, Uruguay & Bolivia
Kingston Technology Co., Inc.

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