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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Active standard 3D glasses

In order to use the active 3D glasses you need to synchronize the alternating images in the screen with the LCD lenses, namely, connect the glasses with the screen through a stereo sync signal connector. So far the active 3D glasses type weren’t compatible between different brands. That’s why Sony, Samsung and Panasonic have joined the manufacturer of 3D glasses XpanD to develop a new standard together.

Nowadays the different 3D equipment brands are not fully compatible. Ethan Rasiel, director of public relations at Samsung said that some major changes will make the differences aside and implement a standard for this type of technology so these glasses will be compatible between brands or at least among the products of the three participating companies.

The idea is that the new standard speeds up the implementation of 3D equipment at home and at the same time, be backward compatible with 3D TVs that are already marketed.

New glasses out of this project will incorporate different types of connections simultaneously as Samsung, for example, use Bluetooth for its glasses, while its partners, Sony and Panasonic, connect via infrared.

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