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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SmartEco, BenQ saving energy in their projects

BenQ has been named the energy-saving technology as SmartEco , it improves image quality and enlarges the lifetime of the lamp. Educative centers and places where projectors remain turned on for a long time will the first beneficiaries of these improvements.

The SmartEco system saves energy and increases lifetime of the lamp adapting the energy used by the lamp to the projected image in a dynamic way. This system doesn’t compromise image quality, and in addition, the projector shows and improved contrast and doesn’t lose luminosity.

The SmartEco allows the projector to compensate this process by an internal program that keeps the ideal color space and also improves the contrast radio. This revolutionary technology produces only the light needed and it always adapts to the optimal setting for every situation.

Whenever the projected image has dark elements, the lamp gets dark for this image without causing any apparent luminosity loss for the viewer. This entails a great advantage for the user for many reasons. First, it increases lifetime of the lamp by 80% and reduces energy consumption up to 50%.

The first BenQ projectors incorporating the new SmartEco technology, will be available from November.

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