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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HP WiFi Touch Mouse X7000 - With Facebook at a click

The HP WiFi Touch Mouse X7000 has been introduced and there are two things that call our attention, beyond its technical characteristics. On the one hand, we have a rather futuristic and unconventional design with piano black, ergonomic lines (only for the right-handed) and rubber to improve the side grip. On the other hand, it has a one-button upload to Facebook.

This new HP mouse will connect through WiFi (as the name indicates). This isn`t a very common feature but there are some models in the market from different manufacturers doing the same thing. However, what’s really unusual is the scroll since it`s not a scroll but a touch area where we can make the functions just with a flick of our finger. There included also five customizable buttons.

The HP WiFi Touch Mouse X7000 will work only for computers running Windows 7, and it costs $60 and has a nine months battery life.

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