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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Intel creates a specialized division for the mobile communication market

It seems that AMD won’t be the only one directing their efforts towards the creation of new mobile platforms, since it seems that their rival, Intel, has come back to the mobile market after leaving the market 5 years ago. For that reason, they have created a new division taking resources and staff from four separated groups.

This new department makes sense at the time of exploiting resources and speeding development processes, since we are talking about devices that will have a lot of hardware in common, focusing exclusively in mobile products as smartphones, tablets, wireless communication technologies and netbooks.

The new division will be leaded by two people: Mike Bell, who arrived last year in Intel from Apple, where he was vice president and worked in the development of the iPhone. He also had important positions in Palm, so it seems the ideal resume.
The second in charge is Hermann Eul, old executive of Infineon, that has been a while working at Intel’s communication division. Don’t forget that the company of the processors acquired this corporation to work independently in the mobile communication division.

Intel intends to enter the world of Smartphones with the ultimate technologies and it seems that nobody left NFC out of them. The agreement was made with Inside Secure, which will provide Intel with its Microread, Secureread and Open products.

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