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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Geekshive at Googleplex

Spacious rooms, slides, atypical meeting places, free food and beverage, gym, video games, relax and massage rooms, yoga lessons, doctor and dentist, some of the enviable amenities at Google facilities, a place to work at that many companies would like to have.
We could visit Googleplex, the headquarters of Google Inc, placed in Mountain View, Santa Clara, California, near San José. We rambled through the main courtyard and among other details we saw the micro swimming-pools, the Volleyball court and near them, in the outskirts of Building 43, a Tyrannosaurus Rex surrounded by pink flamingos.

Towards a green world.
Google take up with improving the environment with a project to install solar panels on roofs of buildings in its campus, which generate a total of 1600 kws, the energetic equivalent of a thousand homes in California.

Apart from solar garbage compactors, thousands of bicycles, electric cars and posts to recharge them, they promote organic farms as well, a natural and economic way to produce healthy food during the whole year.

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