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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Some days ago, the Internet giant Google has been sending its user some e-mails announcing a change in its privacy policies from March 1.
With this move Google intends to unify all its services in one aiming to increase the “user experience” and improve its services.

It consists of a removal of the legal restrictions that had prevented the company from crossing users’ data between its services. Thus, we will find suggestions in Youtube related to the last e-mails we received, for example. Whenever we login in Google, we will get recommendations of search results according to the interests expressed in Google Plus, Gmail or YouTube.

The company explained that with this change they will be able to offer their users the most relevant results on search and information, apart from helping advertisers to find clients, mostly in mobile phones.

People from Google had explained that, in spite of the cross link among different platforms; they will continue their policy of not combining personal information of users gathered by DoubleClick, their advertising network.

Even so, critics related to the measure had massively aroused, since its impact and the amount of information handled by the company remains unknown.

From March, 1st each registered user will receive a notification to accept or decline the changes in the privacy policy. Even though you don`t accept Google’s privacy policies you will be able to continue using the search engine but your search experience won’t be the same.

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