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Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012: GeeksHive goes to the Everest

 The argentinian Fernando Rodriguez de Hoz follows his passion going to the Everest and GeeksHive goes with him.

Here we share some pictures of the last visit to the mountain.
We stayed 3 days on the Cerro Tronador where we made an intensive practice: trekking on glaciers, self-rescue and more in order to familiarize with some of the challenges we may encounter.
We met the other 2 members – Facundo Arana and his cameraman- with whom we will share an expediton of more than 60 days. We get on very well together, we have a lot of fun and we complement each other in every moment. The team is super homogeneous regarding ages and experiences so we expect it to be a solid team under Willie Benegas’s command.


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