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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Argentinian Actor Facundo Arana Suspended its Expedition to the Everest due to a Pulmonary Edema.

Yesterday, Fer and “El Pampa” commented how hard is the training and acclimatization process in the Base Camp, and that the training takes place 40 days before ascending to the top of the world.

Some hours ago, the Argentinian actor Facundo Arana –part of the expedition team- has decided to pull out due to medical recommendation as he has shown symptoms of pulmonary edema for the second time. 

“The pulmonary edema showed again and it is getting worse, and the cerebral edema has strengthened its position.”
Two emergency evacuation flights were ordered by doctors from Pheriche and then Lukla.
“I will tell all details of the odyssey that brought me here, it really was an odyssey! For the moment, the ascent has come to its end for me according to medical recommendation. After two attempts and knowing what happens to skeptics, I realized it is time to stop”, the Argentinian actor wrote in his blog.

Days before, Arana have had similar problems and he commented: “I am fine. I am resting. The mixture of flu together with the symptoms of the edema make me feel I have little lung capacity. The lung are too tired so it is better to recover. If it is possible, we will go up again!”, the actor pointed out last Saturday. Unfortunately, the situation got worse since, when they tried to ascend, the problems appeared again.

Go Facu, get better soon!

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