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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rumors about Apple's Smart phone New Generation

Apple, Inc is working on the next version of the iPhone which would be commercialized from September. This mobile device will include a new connector and a bigger screen.

It is no long till the launch of the new version of the smart phone created by Steve Jobs which has revolutionized the world since 2007. Rumors suggest the device will include 4G, but only available for USA. Also, it will have a “Nano-SIM” card that is 40% smaller than the micro-SIM used for iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy SIII.

The mobile device is already being manufactured in Shangai by Pegatron, according to sources of the Taiwanese portal Digitimes. Meanwhile, the APP4Phone assures that the launch date will be September, 21st.

Telephone Companies expect its demand to be very high. Analysts reassure that the next iPhone will be a total success. It is said that Apple might reach 80 millons selling this model, according to the interest shown by current owners of different types of Apple´s smart phones.

Apart from the new iPhone 5, Apple may release a new iPod Touch, new models of iPod Nano, a new MacBoox Pro Retina Display as well as an updated iMac. Although, the company has say nothing about this rumors and speculations for the moment.

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