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Friday, May 21, 2010

Seagate to introduce its 3TB disks

Seagate has announced the release of its new 3TB hard disk called Constellation. Seagate affirms that this hard disk will be compatible only with certain operative systems, such as Windows Vista or Windows 7, and in the 64 bits mode since the density of the disks of the hard disks is so high, that many systems are not capable of recognizing more of 2.1TB.

The problem is that due to the Logic Block Addressing (LBA) of the internal disks of the hard disk, a standard created by Microsoft and IBM in the DOS age, an update of the Operative System would be needed to recognize its capacity. The update would be capable of identifying the system used by this hard disk, called long LBA that increases the amount of bytes per sector.
In the case of Mac the installation would be easier since it already has the necessary EFI software in the BIOS. In Windows XP, it happens something funny: it recognizes only 990MB of the total amount of 3TB. Anyway, this is a hard disk that in its release would be really expensive, optimal for corporations, but that for the end user doesn´t have much sense for the moment. If you think, it is very likely that whoever needs a 3TB disk already has a current system and has a suitable hardware and, if not, it would be time to update our computers.

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