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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Albatron to release a multi touch module for 21.5” LCD monitors.

Windows 7 and its multi touch function will change the way we communicate with the computer. But, of course, we need the hardware. Few corporations are developing multi touch monitors to enjoy the multi touch functions of Windows 7 to the most.

That´s why Albatron has built the EM215, a multi touch module that will be able to be connected to LCD monitors and help people to accept the touch trend taking advantage of Windows 7´s function.

The module has an “optical touch” structure, supports manual use and with pencil, it is covered with tempered glass, it can be installed without tools and very fast, and it usses less than 1 W during normal operation.

Albatron will be releasing the EM215 in Computex next month, but it is uncertain when the module will be available.

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