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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Guitar Sidekick- iPhone utility for guitarists

Nowadays, the App Store –with thousands of followers- is plenty of applications for guitarists. Guitar string and score simulators, guides, tutorials and so on, that turns our iPhone into an educational aid for the ones who enjoy playing this instrument.

Just for score reading and to avoid the problem of where to place the iPhone while you are playing the guitar, CASTIV brings Guitar Sidekick.

This Guitar Sidekick is only a simple utility for mobile phones, not only for iPhone but also for Blackberry and many others with Android. It is a device that is adhered to the guitar as a very useful dock in a place where it doesn’t affect the sound of the instrument, and doesn’t hinder the hands and is always within sight so you can play the scores you want to.

It is a great accessory to follow up learning guides and/or scores, besides using Metronome’s app.
It’s easily placed and it works both for electric and acoustic guitars.

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