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Friday, June 18, 2010

Multi-touch display M2256PW

The American company, 3M, a corporation with a fixation in the field of research and development, will release to the market a 20-finger multi-touch.

It is a 22 inches display with an odd resolution, 1680x1050. So that, for 30 lines it doesn’t reach to be a FullHD. The display is capacitive and, therefore, much more sensitive than resistive displays. Besides, it uses a glass front surface that, together with the specific chip set helps to detect 20 fingers at a time.
The 3M M2256PW was unveiled at the CES as a prototype for up to 10 fingers simultaneously. The device is now real and costs 1.500 dollars.
The possibilities of the 3M M2256PW are almost as wide as you wish, even though it is more focused to the professional than to the domestic sphere, where we could barely find applications that can exploit the benefits of such powerful display as this one. The release date of the display has not been revealed yet.

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