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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cds of 1 Petabyte?

Eugen Pavel, a Romanian researcher from Storex Technologies believes, as many others, that optical disks have a great future. In this sense, he has carried out a research intending to create CDs with a capacity of 1 Petabyte - 1 million GB in a single disk-.

The technology is known as Hyper CD, it would use lasers and optical systems available, and it will have capacities of 1 PB (1.000.000 GB) in a disk of 120 mm of diameter and only 1.2 mm of thickness.

Pavel claims that the company has several patents of glass and ceramic-glass compositions, as well as optical and mechanic concept of reading-writing to reach the goal of storing 1 Petabyte in a normal disk.

Besides, they claim that the useful life of a disk could be of 5.000 years!
It clearly seems interesting but for the moment it is only theoretical and there is no real proof that makes us believe that this product would reach the market at any time.

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