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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sony has announced two new models, both with a new 12.2MPs CMOS BSI (back-illuminated) sensor, 1/ 2.3” type. Both enable 1080i full AVCHD video recording. Besides, there stand out the three dimensional panoramic sweep or 3D Sweep Panorama mode that offers a 3D image to be displayed in a compatible TV. It´s more than just another function, but surely we will get used to see it.

The 3D shot mode is applied to panoramic images that we can capture with the 3D Sweep Panorama. The trick for doing that is recording up to 100 images of the panoramic image we are making and editing sofware to get an stereoscopic image. To see the result, for now, we can connect the cammera only to a 3D compatible TV through HDMI.

These new models are presented as “compact with an advanced low-noise image system” due to the already known Exmor R sensors.

Another technology included by Sony in their new compact cameras is called BackGround Defocus, with blured background function as if working with an SLR which make it easy to play with this value. The way these compact cammeras make it is by taking two photos, indentifying the image´s background and bluring it to make a sharp foreground image with a very effective Bokeh effect. Other improvements in image treatment in the cammera are the effects to eliminate face defects, and a high speed burst of six frames. Both add a more natural flash mode, and take advantage of the continuous focus, so, we can indicate it which person or object we want to keep focused so it should remain in focus even though we move ourselves or the cammera.

In the video recording mode, Sony is still betting to the AVCHD format which is giving less compatibility problems, and rises video resolution up to 1920x1080 to 60i. There stand out the SteadyShot image stabilizer, the Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar 4x zoom and a wide angle that starts at 25mm. Al these features are for the Sony TX9.

The video mode of the Sony WX5 is completed with f/2.4 G lens. Its 5x zoom and a 2.4” screen, as opposed to TX9´s 3.5” screen.

These new compact cammeras will be released to the market in mid-September.

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