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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Exclusive Sony Vaio P ultraportable

Sony has updated its ultraportable series. This 2010 seems scarcely renewed… but only on the outside.

The new Sony Vaio P Pocket style comes in green, orange, pink and black, the first three colors being quite bright with reference to the first series, which was much more sober.

The Sony Vaio P has been struggling and keeps doing it in this 2010 version, with the high price as almost the only one handicap. It’s not that it doesn’t have any other features to improve, but they remain completely outshined by the high price given to the ultraportable pc. The purchase of this model is only understood if you want the most exclusive model on the market and the best format to carry from one place to another.

The rest of its features are as expected, very stuck for quite a while now: Intel Atom, 2Gb of RAM memory, incorporated graphic card, and battery for 3- 4 hours (that is broadly surpassed by their competitors).

The Sony Vaio P adds an ambient light sensor, a full keyboard with a very comfortable size, built-in 3G, GPS and accelerometer to switch the content of the display depending on how we are holding the ultraportable, as well as a couple of tactile panels at both sides of the screen.

Regardless of its exclusive design, the excessive price for a pc like this is not available for many users. In short, whoever buys it, will be able to boast having the most exclusive portable in the whole world.

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