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Friday, October 29, 2010

OrtusTech introduces the world’s smallest Full HD display

OrtusTech is a joint venture created by Casio and Toppan Printing for the production of small and medium size HD screens which is introducing the world’s smallest Full HD display.

The display uses a microfabrication technology known as HAST(Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT)and has 16,8 millions of colors. The corporation OrtusTech is involved in the manufacture of small and medium sized displays with high resolutions like this outstanding 4.8 inch model and the resolution of a FullHD TV, 1920x1080 pixels.
The LCS technology used has 160 degrees viewing angle and produces 72% of color (gamut RGB), and an impressive pixels density: 458 ppi.

Do you want to know the funny detail? This tiny display crushed when compared to another one introduced in 2008, also from Casio which had the astonishing amount of 546 ppi.

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