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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pionner Network Vision HUD- New Systems for your car

Pioneer HUD system, heads up display could surprise many people. Even though it is only a prototype, it seems promising. This new system would enable us a connection with Android telephones, but the interesting part is the way in which this system could be used.

The projection system uses laser technology, from militar aviation to display information in the windscreen. It has pretty complex contents in different colors and with a high level of contrast. The information could be from an Android smartphone through WiFi or Bluetooth.

Thus, you will be able to seize all of the benefits of your smartphone. Because of its size and connectivity, they are the best elements to get the latest information on traffic or to run the best navigation software but their tiny screen aren’t exactly their strong point. By means of this new development it would be possible to visualize the information fast and in a clear way.
The idea of the Japanese company is to carry it to practice in real cars by the end of 2012.

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