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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Google accounts gets 2-step authentication

Google is implementing a new feature for every user: 2-step verification for every account.
This function will be opt-in but, when enabled, it will require the users to insert not only their user names and their passwords but also an access code generated by a mobile app or received on their phones through a call or an SMS.

The option must be activated in the account configuration. After that, besides asking your normal password to sign in to Gmail or Google Docs, the service will ask you a backup password which is a code sent to your mobile phone by SMS. You can also download an app for Android, iOs or BlackBerry that will prompt the codes –and that probably will be the best option outside the United States.

There is also the possibility of remember an access code in a PC for up to 30 days, so you don’t have to generate a new code every time you sign in, while avoiding other users to sign in from other devices.

“As we announced to our Google Apps customers a few months ago, we've developed an advanced opt-in security feature called 2-step verification that makes your Google Account significantly more secure by helping to verify that you're the real owner of your account,” wrote Nishit Shah, Product Manager of Google Security.

Now it's time to offer the same advanced protection to all of our users. 2-steps verification requires two independent factors for the authentication, as you can see in your web site: your password, apart from a code obtain using your mobile phone”, he announced.

Like most Google accounts are used in a huge number of Google products together with many third party services, improving your security should affect the security of many of your profiles and products, in just one step.
You will be able to access this function through your Account Settings page once it’s available. You will find more information on this function in the Google Helps page.

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