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Thursday, March 17, 2011

HP to introduce 7" WebOS tablet this year

The 9.7" HP Touchpad, and with WebOs that makes so many people fall in love with, will have a little brother: the codename is HP Opal, even though it is expected to change.

It will have a 7" display and it is said that it has an extradimensional thickness, 13cm, which could be a disadvantage but it’s compensated if you use it to carry a good battery.
The display will have a 1.024x768 resolution and, of course, is multi-touch.

Few details have been given apart from the ones mentioned above and a WebOS operative system that has a tablet-mobile synchronization as a strong point. It is expected that HP Opal is released on September, although the date is unofficial and might be changed in the future.

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