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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amazon Cloud Player-Music in the cloud

The rumor has come true, Amazon has launched its own music storage and streaming service from the cloud, called Amazon Cloud Player and with this move it overcomes Apple and Google with a service that looks good.

Although, for the moment, it’s only available in The USA, it’s good to know that another service to buy multimedia content is arriving.

Amazon Cloud Player plays the music we have stored in the Amazon Cloud Drive, an online hard disk of their own creation. We can play it in two ways: from a web page or from other Android devices. The advantages are clear, according to the people responsible: after streaming the music we want to play online, we don’t have to worry about syncs, devices, software actualizations or hardware to carry our music.

Unlike Spotify, which is based on monthly subscriptions, this Amazon Cloud Player consists of 5Gb virtual storage (extendable up to 20Gb) where we can store the music purchased at Amazon’s store and –apparently- the music acquired at iTunes Store, too.

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