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Monday, March 28, 2011

Google testing Google Music internally

The service could be included in Android, it is said that Google Music is almost ready to launch since Google employees have begun internal testing.

Seemingly, the development is already completed and functional. However, the reason for the delay is the music industry. Without music, Google music hasn’t many reasons to exist, thus they urge to reach an agreement with record labels. The 4 American music giants are not very happy with the idea that user can acquire songs in the cloud and may access them from any device or location. They are used to the purchase for use and enjoyment in the store and, of course, this new concept is delaying the launch of the service.

Google Music will be almost adopting Spotify’s model, even though, according to rumours, we will be able to purchase music as we do with iTunes for which it could become an Apple’s competitor.

The purpose, thanks to sync functionality in Android apps filtering but without the major labels’ consent, Google Music is just the owner. The fight for the licenses and legal matters will be harsh so will see is Google can fight them back.

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