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Monday, April 18, 2011

CL-OLED the future for screens.

Researchers from the University of Toronto have found a way of manufacturing OLED screens using chlorine to reduce the complexity of traditional OLED devices and improve its efficiency all at once. It entails a great advance for futuristic technology which is practicaly stucked mainly in relation to devices with big screens and even for light devices.

The result, a spectacular increase for OLED efficiency together with an important decrease in the cost of this technology that seems to trace the future of screen devices.

It seems that chlorine, applied by an UV light assisted process that allows to control toxicity, increases the electrical transport index in OLED pannels. Thus, the CL-OLED, as it is called, literally doubles its efficacy, with a luminosity of 10,000 cmd2, and it’s easier to manufacture.

The results of this research have already been published in the Science Magazine and it’s a matter of time for the pannel manufacturers to become interested for this new patent.

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