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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The US Army has chosen Android for tactical operations

The Department of Defense has chosen Google's Android mobile operating system to develop a new application of military communication: a prototype device called JBC-P (Joint Battle Command-Platform).

The American Department of Defense has announced that they will launch a kit of apps based on Android for the soldiers in the battlefield.

They are looking for developers to create encrypted apps with high security levels.

Mitre is the laboratory in charge of the creation of the work environment and the device chosen to perform the tests for future apps weights 900-grams.

They are currently testing apps that include a GPS to keep track of friends and enemies, terrestrial tactic reports and messaging apps for medical evaluation and other basic apps, such as an address book and Open Office.

The army will release the development kit on July, according to lieutenant colonel Mark Daniels, product manager of JBC-P.

This decision by the military makes it look and believe that the Android platform is as secure as usable for all fields.

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