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Monday, May 16, 2011

HP renews the design of its desktop PCs

The new Pavilion desktop PCs come with a renewed design, strengthening HP’s trust in the traditional towers PCs by refreshing the appearance of the three main chassis designs in its tower line.
These are: the HP Pavilion HPE h8, the Pavilion p7, and the Pavilion Slimline s5. They all feature a new design with a minimalist finish and look, which seem to be focused to be placed in the living room and to be a home theater solution.

The HPE h8 is the most complete model, and of course it is aimed for gamers. It includes integrated graphics that allows up to 3 screens at the same time (depending on the configuration that we choose).

The HP S5 assumed to be the compact and manageable model, ideal for the ones who want to double its features as a desktop PC, in the meantime the HP p7 is the discrete one aimed for office and basic tasks.

The 3 models include integrated sound processing through the Beats audio technology, and we have access to the new LinkUp function in all of them as well, which simplifies the way to get apps and media to a paired laptop connected to any of these desktops PCs.

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