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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Skype goes down globally

Microsoft stars with the wrong foot, just after a couple of weeks since they acquired Skype. The free calling service is having problems worldwide on Thursday the 26th of May, affecting more than eight millions users, and only a few days after the company has introduced their first upgrades on the program, compelling a lot of customers to update their Skype with a download.

In Twitter, there are hundreds of thousands people, who are complaining because Skype has stopped working, the problem appears when they try to login and the program hangs.
Skype’s spokesman, Peter Parkes, has rushed to confirm that “some people might be having troubles to login in Skype”, besides he explained that they are working to fix the problem, and apologized for the inconveniences.

It is to expect that the issue will be among the hottest topics on the social networks today.

At the moment the company has not yet announced how long the fault is going to last.

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