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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

AMD Fusion for laptops

AMD has introduced its weapons, the long awaited AMD Fusion CPUs to give battle to the second generation of Intel Core Processors, codenamed Sandy Bridge, which have proved to be a remarkable improvement in the graphic field, with excellent performance in general and competitive prices.

AMD announces that Fusion is better than the competition in practically every way and, according to the specifications, the AMD Fusion A Series look pretty good.

All AMD Fusion models have a common feature, the APU, Accelerated Processing Unit, which is a single chip that will bring together the CPU and the GPU, improving communications between both processing units and thus lowering the power consumption.

The entry level models will be named AMD Fusion A4 and will be oriented for Internet web browsing and high definition video playback, web based video included. The next model will be de AMD Fusion A6 which will allow to enjoy certain video games, and the high end model will be the AMD Fusion A8 which will be the most powerful aimed for demanding games and heavy 3D applications.MD Fusion is the big AMD’s bet for trying to recover part of the market share that Intel dominates since years, now we are only left to wait to see who will be the winner between this big fight between Intel vs AMD.

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