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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nex C3, Sony's new camera

Offering the best in these kind of models plus a few improvements, Sony has started a war with its new Nex C3 to see who will manage to have the smallest mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.

The main change in this Sony Nex new model is its size, even smaller and with a weight of 225 grams, an excellent design when you hold it in your hands and use it to take photos. Part of this success is the handgrip, that has changed for the best. Only with the big lens is where the reduced size and weight plays against, since the balance of the camera is more complex and we have to get used to work grabbing the lens.

Sony maintains 3 inches size in the LCD screen with a very good resolution; it is tiltable but not fully articulated.

Access to the menu is still at the wheel, allowing quick access to menu functions. Both automatic modes as the manual are aided by simple explanations to understand that we can disable if we don't need them.

It features a 16 MP sensor APS-C resulting in photos of spectacular size. We can record movies at 720p; save our pictures in JPG, RAW or both formats instantly (it really helps to have a fast memory card). The battery has a good performance and autonomy if we don’t overuse the luminous screen.

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