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Monday, August 29, 2011

LG LSM-100 - Drag and share

The LSM-100, a new and incredible peripheral created by LG is a mouse-scanner that seems to carry the revolution and vanguard to mice. With the mouse you can scan a sheet of up to A3 size. You just have to swipe over the sheet and the image will appear in the screen.

The scanned image can be saved in formats such as PNG, JPG, PDF, and many others. Besides, scanning in a conventional and discontinuous way, it incorporates a character recognition system called LG´s Optical Character Recognition, with which you can read what is written in a sheet and turn it into a Word editable document. A completely new way of make a clean copy or your notes.

The new LG technology makes it very simple the scanning task with the LSM-100, since it automatically recognizes what was already read.

The price, as it is expected, 5 times the cost of an advanced optical mouse but the incorporated function of scanner turns it into a space saving option for your desk.

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