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Friday, August 5, 2011

The OCZ Z-drive R4 outdoes itself

OCZ released its new PCI Express solid state drive 2.0, the Z-Drive R4, a product for companies that need the most cutting edge hardware and is the fourth revision of a product that people talked a lot about.

These new drives present the VCA 2.0 OCZ’s interface which is able to develop new levels of bandwidth managing more effectively access to the unit and being compatible with standard SCSI commands in a high performance virtualized environment.

The new models get up to 2.600 MB/s in both, reading and writing, up to 50.000 of processing power input and output data at random. Impressive figures compared with traditional magnetic drives or consumer solid state drive units.

Each Z-Drive unit will be formed of 8 combined SSD controllers, with the PCI Express 2.0 interface with an entry point and multiple additional technologies, like TRIM, security systems and data cipher, or secure data storage systems in case of power interruption.

There are 2 versions of the Z-Drive R4, named “R” and “C”. The difference between both is physical size. The storage capacities are: 800 GB, 1.6 and 3.2 TB.

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