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Friday, August 5, 2011

Razer Electra’s headphones for tablets and cell phones

These stunning headphones are designed with a large size and to not disturb other people. It has green highlights and a very careful design in the form of entwined serpents. If you are one of those who play with an iPad or an XPERIA PLAY more than in a console, these headphones are for you!

The Razer Electra’s headphones are designed to be plugged to almost any audio device that comes with 3.5 mm audio jack, such as an iPhone, iPad, computer, or other phones and media players. They also come with a detachable audio cable and good performance inline microphone cable.

The Razer Electra headphones are ideal for gamers who need the highest quality headsets to hear every little noise and detail to help them win, and they can also use them to listen to music with the highest quality too.

Designed for HTC phones, BlackBerry and iPhone, although because of its technical features is more likely to work with any smartphone.

Ideal for gamers and fans of the best sound in videogames, audio and video coming from their mobile or tablet device.

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