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Friday, September 16, 2011

HP introduces inexpensive IPS displays

4 new displays were introduced from the multinational HP with the ZR series. Aimed at the professional sector, they will come in 27 inches (ZR2749W), 24 inches (ZR2440w), 21.5 inches (ZR2240w) and 20 inches (ZR2040w), all of them with 1080p resolution and an IPS panel for an accurate color reproduction at any viewing angle.

All of them have Displayport and DV-I, even though only the 21.5 and 24-inch models have HDMI inputs. The biggest model, 27-inch, also comes with a DVI port and four USB.

The prices rise from USD729 to USD189, which are very interesting prices, mainly for the 27-inch and with an IPS panel.

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