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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hybrid Memory Cube. The next step in DRAM evolution

Hybrid Memory Cube is being developed by Intel and Micron and there are already some functional prototypes which sustain transfer rates of 1 terabit per second (about 128 GB/s) and minimize the energy impact up to seven times, claiming to be 10 times faster than DDR3 memories.

Intel´s idea -appart from modifying the 2D structure of the memory (one chip next to the other) and changing it to 3D (one chip stacked on top of the other)- is adding a layer that undertake the input information and transfer it to the memory chip. No more chips looking for the information to be stored, there is a logic layer now to send them the information. Intel an Micron are adding an intermediary for RAM management where every group of bit to be stored goes.

Hybrid Memory Cube is barely a project under development but it promises to be a milestone in the evolution of DRAMs.

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