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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lytro, the camera that allows focus after the fact

Lytro is the camera that allows you to adjust the focus after the fact. This camera is different from the design that resembles those old black boxes to take basic shots. In fact it “is” a plenoptic camera that will record the information of the light not only of the point we are focusing, but of every point of the image. Thus, later in the edition, just by clicking on the area we want to highlight, the focus and depth of field vary in real time, until leaving it as we want it. The Lytro camera stills places next to the sensor micro-lenses that gather information from the light.

The distinctness of the camera turns its specifications equally distinctive. Thus, the images are recorded in the LFP format (light field picture) and the resolution of the system is of 11 megarays, in reference to the amount of rays of light captured by the system and it is equivalent to 22 megapixels.

In the box of the Lytro camera we can find an LCD screen that helps us to compose and observe what we want to remember. In the interior there is a lens with a luminosity of f/2 and an 8x zoom, together with two buttons: power and shutter. We don´t need more because the Lytro camera will capture all the information of the snapshot and we will be able to edit it afterwards almost as if we were in front of the scene again and having control of what we are doing. This task is performed by some software that, as informed by the company, for the moment will be available only for Mac.

This sort of futuristic compact will be available in two versions: with an internal memory of 8 GB and capable of storing 350 photos and with 16 GB of storage. They will cost $400 and $500, respectively.

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