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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Asus Maximus IV for Ivy Bridge

Around March, 2012 we will see the new boards for the new Intel standard, the Ivy Bridge platform, successor of the Sandy Bridge. They will use the same 1155 socket of their predecessors.

It is known that most of current boards will support the new processors with a small BIOS update of but even though, there are some manufacturers that will introduce the new models of the motherboard like the Asus Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3 that will support PCI Express 3.0 and compatibility with subsequent Ivy Bridges.

ASUS (like other manufacturers of boards such as GIGABYTE) assures that many other models will get BIOS updates that will make them compatible with PCle 3.0 and make room for this new range of processors. The list is very large and it includes boards with chipsets Z68, P67, H67 and H61. They had offered also a list of boards that will be able to use Ivy Bridge processors in 22 nanometers, always with the corresponding BIOS update.

This is good news for the owners of motherboards wanting to update one of the new Intel processors.

You will find the list of compatible Asus processors through an update path here:

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