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Monday, October 31, 2011

YouTube... The TV Network of this era?

Google’s corporation has launched in the net a platform that will offer an original program planning for their users, with several TV channels, sports, dance, music, novels, movies, series, etc.

Considering the popularity acquired by You Tube in the new generations and its power as future platform for content distribution in all of their aspects, the TV stations of all around the world are trembling before the giant rival that You Tube will entail. Google has invested millions of dollars in this project and among the participants there will be News Corp, Madonna with a dancing channel, Shaquille O’Neal with a sport Channel and many others.

The great advantage of YouTube as distribution platform, apart from its popularity, is that it can be available from every device with and Internet connection, globally. These will be the foundations of Google’s power to face the creation and distribution of classic content, not only as amateur or second option, but as main character. It is expected that the first channels arrive within a month and they will remain, at least for one year, with global availability.

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